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Re: [IP] Children on pumps

What is the minimum recommended age when a child can handle the pump?

I think most of the research shows that kids need parent involvement until
they are in their mid-teens for successful control of diabetes.  The pump is
no exception - just a better way of delivering insulin.  Just as kids take
on more responsibility for MDI as they get older, so it goes with the pump.
My daughter, at 9, and read a nutritional label for carb content, calculate
a bolus, program a bolus,  go into the memory to see her boluses, and read
the alarm codes to let me know what alarm is sounding.  She can't (or I
won't let her) change her basal rates, figure carbs for most foods that
don't have a label on them, or decide when to set a temporary basal rate.
She's learning, but hasn't mastered, putting in her own Tender infusion set.
Some of that is my need to maintain control. Obviously, younger kids will
have parents doing more things, older kids will have parents doing fewer
tasks.  It's a lifelong, growing and learning process.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom, 9 yo, Dx'ed 2/98, pumping since 9/98

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