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RE: [IP] Nearing a choice

> Are mm's 'water resistant'?  Can someone go into a pool with impunity?

Yes, MM are water resistant, that means they can withstand a splash or
accidental momentary submergence without difficulty, although MM recommends
that if your pump is submerged for any length of time that the pump be dried
thoroughly and a self test performed.

NO, you can not wear your pump into any water activity without the sports
case produced by MM, or when showering without a shower pack or some other
protective bag or pouch.

> My understanding that the difference from the original 507's to the
> 507c's had nothing to do with the water tightness.  And whenever anyone
> brings up the water safety of D's, no one ever answers that mm's are
> just as safe to submerge.  Is this well known?

Yes it is well known and documented, MM are not water proof, D's are!

Further I had to return a MM pump that had never been submerged yet had
corrosion on the inside of the pump consistent with submergence.  Most
likely from the humidity in my Jacuzzi room of my house, because before I
got in, I used to remove my MM and lave it on a counter in the room, Now
with my D, I just leave it on.

> Besides the square bolus and the colors what changes were made?

There are mores basals in the 507C as opposed to the 507.

> >I don't know what the
> >time-limit in the pool would be, since I don't have any personal
> experience to base it on. (Just curious, wouldn't the Disetronic
> have the same problem if the rubber plug was not installed?)

The D pump has rubber O-rings on all areas that are open, the red tappet is
used to keep excess water out of the reservoir cartridge bay, I don't use
the tappets, it is only for convenience.  The entire pump is waterproof
provided all O-rings are in place when the batteries are inserted and you
have not cut, torn, ripped, or otherwise damaged the pumps face or buttons.
If you do, send the pump back to D for repair of those items and use the
spare !!

> > Also, I don't think it would take 2-3 days to get a MM
> > replacement, if it was damaged... from what I
> > understand, overnight is pretty typical.

Yes overnight is typical from Mon - Thu, On Fri the pumps are shipped
Standard next day which means Monday Delivery and pumps that go down over
the weekend get shipped on Monday, which means a Tuesday delivery.

> >I think that with the development of the quick-release sets,
> that showering
> >is a non-issue. It takes less than 2 seconds to disconnect. And, many
> >people disconnect (or suspend their pump) for swimming anyhow,
> since their
> >BGs drop during exercise.

But, if you are on a low basal rate say based upon the way the insulin is
delivered in the MM you could indeed miss your entire basal amount or a
substantial percentage of it.

With the D, you get a pulse every 3 minutes no matter what.

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