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Re: [IP] Nearing a choice

Jack Granowski wrote:
> Are mm's 'water resistant'?  

Yes, generally. They have been AT LEAST since the 506 (probably earlier)
had a sealed electronics module. What CAN go wrong if you get the pump
wet, presuming that nothing has cracked the main part of the case, is that
the feed screw may rust eventually.

Can someone go into a pool with impunity?

Perhaps, though I've never tried it. Of course I swim like a rock, and
haven't been swimming since I started pumping 5 years ago.

> My understanding that the difference from the original 507's to the
> 507c's had nothing to do with the water tightness.  And whenever anyone
> brings up the water safety of d's, no one ever answers that mm's are
> just as safe to submerge.  Is this well known?  Besides the square bolus
> and the colors what changes were made?

It wasn't a change, as above, it just wasn't known by most people. I only 
found out in a cxonversation with technical help, as I remember it. Also 
note that I HAVE seen a few messages about Disetronics pumps that failed
from a wet environment, but this was probably because there wwas some damage
to the particular pump.

Ted Quick
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Type 1 for 42 years, MiniMed 506 for 5, MiniMed 507c supposed to be here
this week.
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