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RE: [IP] Children on pumps

> What is the minimum recommended age when a child can handle the
> pump?  Ronee

The current protocols I have found and I have now give a minimum age of 5
years as opposed to 12 a few years ago.  As for younger than that I have
seen no protocol or standard of care got younger than that.

Now before anyone on the says, but this or but that, I said I have seen no
protocol or Standard of Care, if you know of one that exists, please forward
it to me and remember, something that seems to be missed on the list alot,
as a medical practitioner, I must only practice within the scope of my
practice as any other reasonable practitioner would, hence if no Standard of
Care exists for me or my colleagues, we open ourselves up to liability. ( I
have added this because of previous private emails attacking and/or pressing
that I have no idea what I am talking about)

Just my two cents,

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