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RE: [IP] question re pumps

> I was watching the two films and have a question.  Forgive me if
> I'm not too
> familiar with the terminology.  On the MM you program the bolus
> by .1.  So if
> you you need 2.4 you can just move the up arrow to 2.4.  With the
> disetronics
> it goes by .5.  How would you give yourself a bolus of 2.4?

You may request that your Disetronic pump be programmed to deliver boluses
in any increment that you desire. The pumps are set at the factory fo 0.5 u
bolus increments, but you may request any increment.  From my discussions
with Dsetronic the 0.5 u and the 0.2 u increments seem to be the most

> Also, is the rate
> of delivery the same?  What would you do with the disetronics when you are
> eating a meal over a long period of time?  Would you do a
> temporary basal rate
> change?

The total delivery rate is the same between them as 1.0 u / hr is 1.0 u /hr,
it is just the frequency of the pulses that differ.  The Disetronic pulses
every 3 minutes no matter whatthe basal, the MM must first divide the basal
by 0.1 to get the total number of pulses necessary in an hour then divide
that equally into the hour.

example: 1.0 u/hr /0.1 = 10 pulses / 60 min = 1 pulse every 6 minutes.

> Thanks for your help.  Ronee  (email @ redacted)

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