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Re: [IP] 507C infusion sets

"Julie VanCalbergh, CTRS" wrote:
> I was wondering for those of you using Sof-Set Ultimates:
>         After about my second day with the set, or even late in the first
> day, right at the connection to the resevoir, the tubing gets "fuzzy"
> looking, at first i was kinda scared about this, but i did the test of
> disconnecting the QR and bolusing to make sure that it was not clogegd,
> and it is nto clogged.  Then i started thinking that it is from the tube
> being bent, you know while it is clipped to my belt, or in my pocket, and
> the excess tubing is shoved elsewhere, but the tube makes an upside down L
> and i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem..

Sounds like you're talking about the effect of bending the tubing. Thing
is that the tubing is lined with a different kind of plastic which resists
the effects of insulin better than the more flexible outer tube. It separates 
when bent for some time, but doesn't really affect the hose.

Ted Quick
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