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Re: [IP] question re pumps

email @ redacted wrote:
> I was watching the two films and have a question.  Forgive me if I'm not too
> familiar with the terminology.  On the MM you program the bolus by .1.  So if
> you you need 2.4 you can just move the up arrow to 2.4.  With the disetronics
> it goes by .5.  How would you give yourself a bolus of 2.4?  

Actually there IS a way for Disetronics to reset the minimum bolus amount to
but you need to know about it and ask for it to be set up by them.

Also, is the rate
> of delivery the same?  

Somewhat different. Disetronics has the delivery done under higher pressure
and in a shorter time span, but basals are done on a different basis. MiniMed 
splits the hour and delivers at a set rate based on that figure, while 
Disetronics will deliver smaller amounts more often, as I understand it.

What would you do with the disetronics when you are
> eating a meal over a long period of time?  Would you do a temporary basal rate
> change?  

Sounds right, but I own aMiniMed so this is based on what I've read here.

Ted QUick
email @ redacted
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