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[IP] "Big Scare"


I've had IDDM for 29 plus years and have noticed that sometimes my warnings
are an immense fatigue,  way out of usual so now I test if a reaction is
possible.  Because you had had hypoglycemia (though corrected, at 4) the
unusual fatigue making you decide to nap may have been the hypoglycemia
kicking in and given the hour, maybe you weren't noticing other simple
symptoms.   Has your average glucose been dropping lately?  Maybe your
threshold is lower.  My glucoses were so low in pregnancy the I could tolerate
high 40's at times (was 48 when I went in for a c-section....laughing and
talkin' (and getting an IV drip to bring it up of course)

Maybe you could get in line for the glucose sensor for 3 days and really see
what's happening 288 times a day.  I too trust that I will wake with my
"typical" symptoms if hypoglycemic if asleep, but it will be interesting when
we've all had a chance to use the sensor and find out what's REALLY happening.

 Happy pumping.     Linda
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