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Re: [IP] Re: glucose meters

In a message dated 98-03-31 15:10:45 EST, you write:

> was interested in the thread a few days ago on potential problems with
>  the new Bayer Dex meter. 

 I think I originally made the post for some input on the Dex meter. What you
said is true about this being the same as the Elite for serum testing. I have
been using the Dex meter for about a month now, and have found absolutely
nothing wrong with it's accuracy which some have said was its downfall. I
continue to respond by saying thats its easier to use, more convenient and
ACCURATE. One post stated they got 150 point difference in their readings. I
cannot even imagine results like this based on my usage. Although no software
is available yet that I know of, I think it is great!

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