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Re: [IP] Prudential and payment for D pump

Ronald Kapo wrote:
> I initiated contact with above insurance company before purchase of said
> pump, calling twice to make certain I,  as well as they,  understood all
> the parameters of my coverage.  Two more calls were made to ascertain
> that I was providing the correct and adequate documentation.
> Prudential has now paid for one pump - $2400, completely
> ignoring documentation stating that Disetronic only sells pumps in
> pairs.  

> Now, Prudential "needs" a statement from my endo attesting to my need
> for two pumps!  I have by the way gleaned the info that mine is to be a
> test case, Prudential vs D re two pumps.

OK, first and foremost, try telling them that since you bought it from a
Swiss company who sells them AS LEGALLY REQUIRED in Switzerland, for the
safety of the customers. Should your ONE pump break down or be damaged
somehow, you have the other pump to substitute for it NOW. Since the
price for the 2 pumps is lower than the price for a single MiniMed
pump their "ideas" are ludicrous.

Also, will they pay again in 2 years when your pump automatically shuts down
(as I think I understand), so that you can go through the same process to get
the second of the 2 pumps you have already received at a very good price?
Do you have a state insurance commision to appeal to there?

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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