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Re: [IP] A Question that is driving me crazy


I'm addicted to low rise ,bootleg jeans-tight ones! I have a nice
figure. I'm the type that could probably wear anything and not worry
about any buldges. The thought of having to adapt my wardrobe was a
drag. I work very hard on keeping in shape. Well, now that I am on the
pump I realize that it is not such an issue. I still wear my tight jeans
or my short tops. I just clip the pump on the top of my jeans and go. No
one ever notices, and even more important I don't care if they do.
Because It doesn't change the way I look in my cool jeans or anything
else!! And I 'm healthier! 

As far as sleeping with the pump, I have a great solution. I put the
pump in a cushy tennis sock and place it next to me. I twist and turn to
my back or front, and never feel a thing. Even my husband can't tell if
he is laying on it. I do find the 43 inch more comfortable to sleep in
but the 23 inch easier to dress in. I rotate both. Make sure you use
silhouettes! Hope this has been helpful.


Rhonda Tyo wrote:
> Danna, no need to chage anything....but sometimes you have to adapt..!!!!I  still wear "seductive" clothing and tight fitting jeans...and yes sleep on the stomach.....BUT...it takes some getting used to, but it still works for me......GOOD LUCK......
> Rhonda
> ----------
>   Well my appointment to see the endo is for Tuesday.  My doctor sure
> got me an appointment fast. Anyways what I would like to ask you all is,
> as far as clothes go, do they have to be loose from now on.  I mean can
> you wear your favorite jeans that might happen to be a little bit on the
> tight side at times?  hahaha :o)
> Plus will I be able to still sleep on my stomach after I get the pump or
> will it cause discomfort????  Am sure the doctor will fill me in but
> trust your experiences more.
> Danna :)
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