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Re: [IP] Nutrition Question Egg Drop Soup..

    Melissa's CDE gave her a xeroxed print out for all Chinese food..I'll ask
him where he got it....
    Egg Drop Soup (with chicken stock, soy sauce, ginger, eggs, scallions &
sesame oil)
      one cup=  109 calories/ 7 grams fat/ 589 grams sodium/ 2.7 grams
carbs/219 grams cholesterol

And for Sara, who loves Cold Sesame Noodles (made with sesame oil, soy sauce,
garlic, sesame paste, cider vinegar & sugar):

      3/4 cup=  243 calories/ 12 grams fat/ 1048 grams sodium/ 29 grams carbs/
No cholesterol

Of course, we had Chinese food tonight & never even looked at this handy-dandy
reference!!! LOL...forgot I had it!.....It's 11 pages long, so if you have
special requests, feel free to ask!!

Regards, Renee (aka pump-mom-coach)

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