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Re: [IP] Dex meter

On 31 Mar 98 at 15:13, John Neale wrote:

> Randall,
> I was most interested in your thoughts about the Dex/Esprit. It's got
> some nice design features, but I am fundementally concerned about it's
> accuracy as well (leaving aside the serum/whole blood issue)
> They seem to go to a lot of trouble attempting to prove it's accuracy:
> all those statistics at the back of the manual. If you examine it
> closely, you see confirmation that sometimes the readings can be *way*
> out. It may average out as being acceptable, but that's no good, since
> we need *every* reading to be within a known range of reliability.

I talked to the rep today and she said they're having problems with 
quality control of the strips.  They are extending the test in the US 
until the end of the year and supplying the test participants with 
strips until then.  The accuracy problem bothers me too - I want a 
meter I can consistently trust.

Randall Winchester

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