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[IP] Adrenalin Rush (Mine, not Stephanie's)

Well, we had our first "interesting experience" yesterday evening with Stephanie's pump. She had gymnastics yesterday afternoon, and seemed to have no problem doing all of her various contortions on the bars, etc. Her number before dinner was fine, so she ate a normal dinner and did homework. One hour after dinner, her number was 211, and I figured I must have miscalculated her carbs. An hour later, her number was 317...so we began looking for a reason for this unexplained high. We checked her last several boluses and found that the one unit she had tried to give herself at 211 had actually not delivered. (Steph had seen it go into STOP mode, and switched it back over to RUN before an alarm had a chance to go off, but hadn't told me, figuring she had pushed something incorrectly.) We disconnected Steph's infusion set from the pump, tried bolusing again, and realized that the problem must be the set or site somehow because the pump delivred nsulin just fine. Before all was said and done, Steph's number had climbed to 469, but we pretty quickly got her infusion set changed and bolused her enough to get her back down within reason in short order. We checked her multiple times last night, and all went well after that. I also checked her for ketones twice, and luckily, none were present during the entire episode. Since all ended well, this was a good lesson for me...I was feeling somewhat smug about how well her transition to the pump was going, and a wake-up call was a good thing. So to stop with the rattling on, does anyone have experience with site placement to avoid the bars and other equipment at the gym? Steph is using D rapid sets (the long teflon cannulas are too uncomfortable for her, she says), so disconnecting isn't an option. Thanks for any suggestions!