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Re: [IP] Re: Children pumping

> Kasey - Sorry to hear your CDE's gave you such a rough time. I met with a
> lot of opposition when we decided to get Stephanie a pump (she's 8.5 yo),
> but fortunately, not from anyone I considered a friend. Steph's pump is a
> Disetronic, and we can lock in the basal rates so that they are not
> inadvertently changed. Does Mini-med have that feature? Steph's only been
> pumping insulin for a week, and believe me, if I thought there was any
> danger of her goofing off and pushing buttons, I wouldn't have supported
> pump therapy for her yet. You know your child better that anyone else, and
> you have to be her advocate, so go for it! Good luck!
> Betsy

Please take the time to write down your immediate thoughts and 
experiences of starting your daughter on the pump for our
Kids Pumping page.  Your experience may help another child and 
parents find a better way to live with diabetes. A picture would be 
nice too.

Michael ( dad of Lily, 14 pumping 3 years ).
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/