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Re: [IP] Re: Children pumping

Kasey - Sorry to hear your CDE's gave you such a rough time. I met with a
lot of opposition when we decided to get Stephanie a pump (she's 8.5 yo),
but fortunately, not from anyone I considered a friend. Steph's pump is a
Disetronic, and we can lock in the basal rates so that they are not
inadvertently changed. Does Mini-med have that feature? Steph's only been
pumping insulin for a week, and believe me, if I thought there was any
danger of her goofing off and pushing buttons, I wouldn't have supported
pump therapy for her yet. You know your child better that anyone else, and
you have to be her advocate, so go for it! Good luck!
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Date: Tuesday, March 31, 1998 1:05 PM
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>In a message dated 98-03-31 12:29:28 EST, email @ redacted writes:
><< Hi good luck to you and Kayla. How wonderful that your endo let you get
> the pump with no hassle. Some parents in this group have had to fight for
> their childs pump. This is a great forum with a bunch of knowledgable
> people. All of the parents of pumper children here are happy with the pump
> routine. >>
>Thanks for the support.  Yes, we are lucky to have an endo that supports us
>this decision.  Unfortunately, we have to drive 2 1/2 hours just to find a
>ped. endo.  We live in Savannah, GA and there are no ped. endo's here.
>are 2 diabetes educators here that I have always felt comfortable working
>with, but a situation occurred last night that has left me feeling very
>with these two people, and I wanted to share what happened and ask how
>parents would have handled it.
>I was helping the 2 DE's with a fundraising event to benefit the children
>diabetes in our area.  They both know we are working to get Kayla on the
>and neither really approve of it.  I already knew that, but last night they
>both pretty much let me know in no uncertain terms that they felt we were
>putting Kayla's life at risk, that her ped. endo was only agreeing to this
>be able to "research" her for his own benefit, that we'll end up in the ER
>because she would "push the buttons" on the pump and end up low, yada,
>At first I was taken aback that they decided to push their
>feelings on me without me asking what they thought.  But after the initial
>shock, I got angry.  I politely listened to what they had to say, and
>countered that I know Kayla and she's been very involved with this
>She knows the dangers of "pushing the buttons" and would not mess with the
>pump.  One of the DE's said that Kayla would and then we'd be in the ER
>fighting for her life.  I changed the subject because I knew trying to
>any more would just be wasted words on deaf ears.
>The nerve of that woman to think she knows my child better than me or that
>knows more about children on the pump than me.  She has absolutely no
>experience with kids on the pump and from her statements, she hasn't even
>bothered to reasearch how kids on the pump have done.
>I'm not sure if I should have handled this situation differently, or if
>is anything else I should do.  I'm still very angry and disappointed
because I
>have always had a good relationship with these women.  I don't know how
>going to be now.  I feel like I've been slapped in the face.
>Sorry to be so long-winded.  I'm sure other parents met resistance when
>decided to put their child on the pump.  This situation was the first
>attack I've had about this and I was totally unprepared for it.  Thanks for
>letting me vent!  :)
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