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Re: [IP] MM Delivery

At 22:23 3/30/98 -0500, Jay wrote:
>I have been told a time or two that the MiniMed delivers "continuously"
>over an hour.  18 months ago when I looked at the MiniMed, the indicated
>that they delivered 0.1 U increments at a time dictated by the basal rate. 
>I have spoken with older MiniMed users who have re-inforced this
>impressions.  One user said that she is concerned about disconnecting to
>shower because she doesn't want to miss her 0.1 U delivery (this didn't
>make much sense to me then or now).  
>Has their delivery system changed?
>What is meant by "continuously"  
>Kinda curious.

I don't know what the heck they could've meant by 'continuous' delivery.

Here's how basal delivery works on the MiniMed pumps:

The value 6 is divided by the basal rate (U/hr), and the resulting number of
minutes is used as the interval between 0.1U deliveries.  For example, if
your basal rate for a particular hour is 0.6 U/hr, a MM pump will deliver
0.1U every 6/0.6 = 10 minutes.

The delivery mechanism for the Disetronic pumps is a bit different, because
they use a different type of motor.  Being a MM507 user, I'm a bit fuzzy on
this, but the way it was explained to me is as follows:

The basal rate (U/hr) is divided by 20, and that number of units is
delivered every 3 minutes.  For the above 0.6 U/hr basal rate, a Disetronic
pump would deliver 0.6/20 = 0.03U every 3 minutes.

Perhaps one of you Disetronic pump users could verify/correct this...


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