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Re: [IP] Dex meter


I was most interested in your thoughts about the Dex/Esprit. It's got
some nice design features, but I am fundementally concerned about it's
accuracy as well (leaving aside the serum/whole blood issue)

They seem to go to a lot of trouble attempting to prove it's accuracy:
all those statistics at the back of the manual. If you examine it
closely, you see confirmation that sometimes the readings can be *way*
out. It may average out as being acceptable, but that's no good, since
we need *every* reading to be within a known range of reliability.

Having the strips inside the meter presents problems as well: a couple
of times I've been caught having unexpectedly run out of strips and not
having a spare disk with me. The rattle of strips in a tub is a very
good confirmation of how many are left!

When I get my next supply of strips, I think I'll go back to my old BM
Accutest. That had accuracy problems as well, but at least I could look
on the back of the strip and see if it had gone blotchy.


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