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[IP] Kaya's mom vs the Pros

Preface to the following:  In my experience, YMMV, IMHO, and not directed at
our list member who just might be affiliated with the medical profession

Kasey, Kayla's mom, wrote:

>  At first I was taken aback that they decided to push their "well-
>  feelings on me without me asking what they thought.  But after the initial
>  shock, I got angry.  I politely listened to what they had to say, and
>  countered that I know Kayla and she's been very involved with this
>  She knows the dangers of "pushing the buttons" and would not mess with the
>  pump.  One of the DE's said that Kayla would and then we'd be in the ER
>  fighting for her life.  I changed the subject because I knew trying to 
> explain any more would just be wasted words on deaf ears.

Try explaining those things to the head nurse in the hospital just prior to
going into surgery.  The nurse team didn't "feel" comfortable with me keeping
my pump on during the surgery.  I said "I understand how you feel."  PERIOD.
She stood there, waiting, like I was gonna just unplug it and let her jab me
with a 10mm syringe.  We had a staring contest for a few seconds, and she
repeated her "concern, for herself and the department.  I referred her to the
endo who had been assigned to me (this was emergency surgery while on
business).  He had already said it was OK (which was lucky for him, cuz then
he would have to head butt with me too.).  Then I just turned my hospital-
gown-clad back to her - I don't remember if I had drawers on or not...you get
the idea

>  The nerve of that woman to think she knows my child better than me or that 
> she knows more about children on the pump than me.  

The nerve of many so-called professionals to think they know us better or OUR
disease better SIMPLY cuz they have a piece of paper that says they are
certified - ESPECIALLY in this day and age when intensive therapy is
considered to be the  way to go...

>  I'm not sure if I should have handled this situation differently, or if 
> there is anything else I should do.  

You did right and I am sure Kayla's rights and abilities were upheld with
dignity and control.  You have every right to be angry and disappointed  -
Hell - these people got little plaques on their wall saying they know best -

Kasey and Kayla - 2 points
"certified butt heads" - Zero

Sara, who is joining kasey on her vent
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/