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[IP] Give me diet coke or give me death

Hooo boy - did you hit the nail on the head Michelle - all the water in the
world doesn't help...but give me a nice ice cold can of diet soda...mmmmmboy
does that help!  and it doesn't even have to be one with caffeine or sodium -
just diet soda...Fresca, A& W, 7-up,,,

  Has anyone else noticed how truly DISGUSTING real soda tastes anymore?  I
mean other than the extremely RARE sip of Dr Pepper (who is god incarnate,
IMHO), I can't abide the read stuff!!

And why the heck is it so hard to find diet cherry coke anymore?

Give me Diet Coke or give me Death

Sara Patrick Henry (That is the guy who said that, isn't it - i am a theatre
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