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Re: [IP] Softset Infusion Pulled Out

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> 1. Do other pumpers always carry a needle with you for such problems?

In my wallett, with my credit cards, I keep a tiny 30 unit BD syringe,
and a Penfill cartridge of Regular. They're not designed for syringe
filling, but it works fine. And it's so small it can live there
permanently, so no forgetting! I also use Regular when I go to manual so
I don't have to top-up so often, and Humalog degrades faster I'm told.
Every 6 months I replace the cartridge, in case it's lost some strength.

Does anyone know if you can still get individual foil wrapped visual
testing strips? I used to use them but they were discontinued. That, and
a single lancet, would complete the perfect "tiny emergency backup kit".


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