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[IP] back off buddy

Just a nice no-foul language retort my dear buddy:

First of all, stop using my name in relation to bad moods or I will be forced
to repeat my 3-word missive beginning with the letter "F"  I do NOT wait until
I am in a mooood to write - I respond where I feel I have something of USE or
INTEREST to the group in general

Secondly, I also was offended by your response to whoever it was when you told
her to watch her carb counting better, but figured you must 've been up all
night catching night crawlers to go fishing.  She very clearly stated she
didn't use the electric blanket as a matter of course, but kept it handy in
case she needed it - maybe it keeps her from having to jump in the shower
fully clothed

Sara, who has a fine blood sugar,  and is not in any kind of mood, but is
still F***ing irritable today
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