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[IP] Dinosaurism

>You all may find this hard to believe, I know I was amazed:

>I know a woman who has been diabetic for several years and PREFERS to use the
>glass syringes and boil her needles.  She also still uses pork insulin.

So what's wrong with pork insulin? ;-)

2 years ago, on MDI, I switched back to using pork insulin, and I got
much better control than I ever did with human insulin. I was always
getting unstable nighttime bg's with bad hypos and highs - and these
stopped as soon as I changed back pork.

Does anyone on the list really believe they got better control TWO YEARS
after switching to human insulin, compared with previously on pork
insulin? I believe there is no clinical evidence that human insulin
always gives better control in the long term - it's just cheaper to
make, and is therefore ferociously marketed by Lilly et al.

And now they've withdrawn it completely - so the option is no longer
available in the US, and if I was living there, I would have to go back
to terrible nighttime hypos!


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