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Re: [IP] MM Delivery


Here is the exact way the MiniMed delivers basal insulin:

It divides the basal rate per hour by 60 to get the number of minutes between
bursts.  For example, I run a basal rate of .4 most of the time.  I get 0.1
units of insulin every 15 minutes. (on the hour, at quarter past, half past,
and quarter to)  If I'm running a rate of .5, I get .1 unit every 12 minutes.
I don't worry about being disconnected for a shower.  Since I know exactly
when I get my basal insulin, I can easily bolus .1 unit if I miss any.
Usually, I don't bother and make up the difference with my breakfast bolus.


>  I have been told a time or two that the MiniMed delivers "continuously"
>  over an hour.  18 months ago when I looked at the MiniMed, the indicated
>  that they delivered 0.1 U increments at a time dictated by the basal rate. 
>  I have spoken with older MiniMed users who have re-inforced this
>  impressions.  One user said that she is concerned about disconnecting to
>  shower because she doesn't want to miss her 0.1 U delivery (this didn't
>  make much sense to me then or now).  
>  Has their delivery system changed?
>  What is meant by "continuously"  
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