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Re: [IP] Being cold after an insulin reaction

Better add me to your list!! And yes, the only thing that makes it stop is the hot
shower!!  EXACTLY!  I always thought it was only me.  It does feel a little
hypothermic (who knows?) but I can't imagine how anyone will get it if you haven't
had it happen.

Susan Gordon wrote:

> Janine/Diane - I have the same experiences with low bgs and being sooo
> cold...as you said it IS internal!  Also, a long hot shower does seem to help.
>  It's kind of like the thirst that goes with high bgs -- you can't really
> understand it unless you have experienced it!  Sue Gordon  email @ redacted
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> Hi Dianne,
> I absolutely freeze after a reaction and always have.  I am initially hot
> and sweaty if it is bad, but quickly turn cold.  I also can have 6
> blankets, a hot water bottle, heat at 80 and feel like I am at the North
> Pole skinny dipping.  I have found the tub or a hot shower (long) to be the
> only way to get comfortable relatively quickly.
> The cold feels internal versus external. My husband will sit there sweating
> and pile more blankets on me.  It is like the core body temperature has
> significantly dropped.
> Janine
> type 1, 18 years
> pump, 13 years
> >Greetings-
> >As the weather warms and the sun climbs out of bed at an even earlier hour
> >each day I rejoice in the light and wonder, not at the glory of the day I'm
> >afraid, but whether or not other pumpers with 'dawn phenomenon' notice a
> >change in the same with the different daylight hours.  My BG 'seems' very
> >dependent on the amount of light in a day- crazy as that sounds, and I
> realize
> >there is the theory that the 'growth hormone' or whatever is what causes this
> >phenomenon in the first place-- it just seems to me that it is NOT always the
> >same.  Pumpers?
> >
> >And another thing-  I never ever here anyone speak about being hyperthermic
> >(or is that hypo?) after a bad insulin reaction.  I get so cold that no
> amount
> >of blankets and clothing and room heat can warm me up.  My teeth chatter and
> I
> >shake all over.  (Usually I fill the tub with warm water and climb in -
> >clothes and all -even at 3 a.m. in the morning- to bring my body heat up.  If
> >I can stop shaking long enough to make a cup of tea - that goes into the tub
> >with me.)  Anybody else have this experience?
> >Dianne
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> Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/