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Thank you for asking!

Don't have much answer about no delivery alarms.  Every once in a while I
wonder why so many of those lately (maybe about every 6 months or year and
then they go away again.

I have been on an insulin pump for 17(? I think that's right) years now.
I never was able to get regular Regular insulin to work but the velosulin
did.  Humalog helps lots with some things but the short duration and short
site times and apparant site problems were harrrowing esp b/c I have long
days teaching far from home and changing a site in a community college
bathroom stall in less than 3 minutes is very hard.  In response to list
members advice, I've been mixing velosulin and humalog.  4 h: 1 v seems to
work well.  We're planning on trying a pregnancy in the next year and I am
very concerned to have a workable site schedule so I hope the mix will be
manageable.  I don't know why but the velosulin addition seems to help

    tenderness and soreness at the site both during and after use.
    length of site use
    length of insulin viability.

Hope that's of some use.  I'm sure my colleagues can help more.

Thanks again,


Bill Van Antwerp wrote:

> Hi, this is Bill Van Antwerp from MiniMed.  I have been travelling
> lately and want to know what
> the general consensus is about two issues.  The first is no-delivery
> issues, are they increasing or are they the same as they always were.
> Second, what about Humalog adsorption issues, are they still an issue,
> that is do people still believe that there are differences between
> Humalog and say Velosulin or Humulin.
> Please e-mail me directly if you have a specific problem
> Bill Van Antwerp
> MiniMed
> 800 933 3322 x 2913
> email @ redacted
> Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/