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Re: [IP] Why would blood pour from site?

You may simply have hit a small blood vessel with the needle -- like pricking your finger when you are sewing.  Won't hurt anything but it might make you site change bolus a little unpredictable.  You can clean it with hydrogen peroxide to help it stay clean.  You may get a small bruise or scab or I've even had a little of each.

Nancy Ludwig wrote:

> Hello,
> This afternoon I had to change my site.   I use the Silhouette set with a MM507 pump.
> When I put it in my stomach the first time I went in and came out and then went in again.  Kind of like a quilting stitch.  Terrible to look at and hurt a bit. I of course did not mean to do this. So I pulled it our and reinserted it again a bit lower.
> Went in alright, my numbers were good, but after about two hours it hurt like crazy and I had a knot the size of a marble.  I know you guys say if it hurts or is red take it out.  So I detatached the tubing......immediately blood filled the cannular and started to drip out of the "what-ever-you call that thing that sticks to my belly".  So I pulled the cannular and the tape off and out of my belly and the blood started to pour out!!
> Sorry for the gruesome story.....There was so much blood coming out that I did not have time to get a tissue and it drained onto my "panties".   It seemed to keep pouring out.
> Anyway, it's several hours later and my old site is still a bit sore.   SO WHY DID IT DO THIS??   Was it because I used the needle twice?  Was it just the start of a bad afternoon?  :-)Is it a government conspiracy?
> Thanks for the help and I am sorry again about the gruesome stuff.   :-)  I am sure you all have had worse.
> Nancy
> email @ redacted
> P.S.  The ducks at the pond are full.  Amanda and I went to feed them this afternoon and they were not interested.  A gazillion other people had had the same idea.  We still had alot of fun! :-)
> Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/