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Re: [IP] Re: Hypothermia with low BG's

The only fuel for the brain is glucose.  If there is too much insulin
available, then glucose is moved to the organs which store it...muscles and
liver get most of the supply.  The metabolism regulators in the brain react to
Bg dropping below 50 (YMMV) as a stressful situation and stimulates the
autonomic nervous system and the adrenal gland, glucagon and growth hormone to
get glucose from wherever it is stored. Problem is, the excess insulin doesn't
want to release the stored glucose or the stores have been used up from
exercise and not replaced with enough food.  
The fast acting stress hormone adrenalin starts the process of shunting the
blood around to make sure the brain can function and maintain the status
quo...normal levels.Included in the process is the stimulation of the sweat
glands, which can be profuse, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure
to get more blood to the brain (may feel like your head is throbbing), and
slowing down of the entire GI tract, (a good reason to treat initially with
pure glucose that can start to be absorbed in the mouth).......   'Nuff for

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