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Re: [IP] Re: Hypothermia with low BG's

I'd like to here the rest of the explanation, Barbara! It may not be interesting
party talk for those who've not experienced it, but I'd certainly like to hear it.


BBradRN wrote:

> Physiology lesson (from the CDE in the group):
> Once the adrenalin kicks in to protect the brain and maintain that glucose
> feeding to the brain cells, the blood gets shunted away from the skin and
> provides more volume to the brain cells, so you will feel cold.  If the BG is
> low enough, the area of the brain for temperature control may not be getting
> enough fuel (glucose) to maintain the sensation of being warm either.  Another
> thing going on here is the "shock" like response that also is connected to the
> increased sweating and evaporation of the sweat that adds to the feeling of
> being cold.  In any case, it is a miserable feeling.
> ( There is a lot more to this process, but I don't want to bore anyone.)

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