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I recently left my infusion set in for 6 days.
>This a.m. when I changed it, there was a faint, rather foul, and almost
>decaying odor coming from the site.  The skin was red and mottled, so I
>cleansed it with Hibiclens and spread on some cortisone cream.  Use QR Soft
>Set for my Mini Med 507

    I have experienced this once or twice but it was not after 6 days. . . .
.which I usually get almost every set. This has happened after inserting the
set manually (without the softserter) and having a small amount of pain
right from the start. I mentioned the other day to someone that if I
experienced any pain right from the start of a new set it would not last 6
days. I have found this every time I have had a painful insertion. Since I
got the softserter I have not had a single set go bad . . . . ??????? Works
for me.
    Also I have just recently had an 8 day set with no ill effects. I use
Velosulin and 42" caths.

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted    type 1 39 years, 507 14 months.
To feel any better I would have to be twins!

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