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Re: [IP] Being cold after an insulin reaction

Janine Shea wrote:
> Hi Dianne,
> I absolutely freeze after a reaction and always have.  I am initially hot
> and sweaty if it is bad, but quickly turn cold.  I also can have 6
> blankets, a hot water bottle, heat at 80 and feel like I am at the North
> Pole skinny dipping.  I have found the tub or a hot shower (long) to be the
> only way to get comfortable relatively quickly.
> The cold feels internal versus external. My husband will sit there sweating
> and pile more blankets on me.  It is like the core body temperature has
> significantly dropped.

Perhaps, but I think it's more the effect on the extremities catching up with
us. Thing is (as I understand it) the body ignores more and more of the 
extremities (feet, then hands) when in crisis, so they get a LOT colder, while 
body core temp is maintained as much as possible for survival purposes.

When the hypo is treated the feet need a LOT of heat to get back to normal, and
it may pull some heat from the core secondarily until it's all back to normal.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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