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Re: [IP] basal change needed after switch to humalog or V?

> Could it be that changing from the humalog to the mix to velosulin could
> change the basal requirements...i have switched from h to the mix and
> back and my basals are going nuts...michelle
> >First, Lily has switched back to straight Velosulin but will probably 
> >switch back to a mix very soon. She is injecting H directly into the 
> >Comfortset to compensate for any highs. 

There are fairly large timing differences when switching from H to R.
It is wise to re-profile basal rates. I would not switch back and 
forth without some long term stabilization between switches. 
Probably at least 2-3 weeks minimum.

Lily's basals are still changing slightly, this is probably due to 
adolescense, not the switch. This has happened before, about 2 years 
ago. I expect it will settle down in another couple of weeks if it is 
like the last time.

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