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Re: [IP] Softset Infusion Pulled Out

Steve Fuller wrote:
> Now that Spring is here and wearing lighter clothes, somehow without knowing
> my softset slipped out.  My morning sugar was
> fine, and I ate a decent breakfast preparing for a bike ride.  Afterwards my
> sugar was 278 so I didn't eat and gave a 5 unit
> bolus.  One hour later my sugar was over 300.  I decided to change the
> infusion, as it needed to be changed later in the day anyway.  When I took
> it out, I noticed the infusion slipped out and was laying against the skin.
> Fortunately I discovered it before ketones, however few questions:
> 1. Do other pumpers always carry a needle with you for such problems?

I don't, seem top always be able to correct the pump problem so I haven't needed
a needle to fill in during the 4+ years of pumping.

> 2. How often do others pull out there infusion set?

I don't, but I also don't use SofSets, because with them I DID. Been using
sets (aka Disetronic Tenders or MiniMed Silhouettes) for 3+ years and it STAYS
no extra tape over it, no fuss or bother, and a MUCH nicer quick release

That's the problem with the SofSet, it can be twisted over, pull the cannula
out and just park it under the set and tape where you can't see it or kow it's 
out till you test high.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/