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Re: [IP] Softset Infusion Pulled Out

> 1. Do other pumpers always carry a needle with you for such problems?
> 2. How often do others pull out there infusion set?
> Steve Fuller

1. Yes, I always carry an emergency kit containing a few needles, an old
bottle of insulin, and a spare bottle of test strips. I've had to use the
insulin more than once, and I'm careless enough to run out of the test
strips in my meter "bag" once a month or so. (Since I know I have extras, I
don't worry about it much.) I do NOT carry supplies to change the infusion
set -- if I have a problem, I just use the needles every 4 hours till I get
home and can change it there. That's never been more than 8 hours away -- I
do carry lots of extra pump supplies if I go somewhere overnight. 

2. I've only had maybe 2 sofsets that "pulled out" over the course of 3
years on dry land. I've had maybe 2 more that pulled out while
swimming. (And I swim 2-3x a week.) But I've had lots of sets recently that
"went bad" due to problems with Humalog. (I'll post a report tomorrow on my
experiences mixing H and R.) I need to have some sort of backup with me. 

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