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[IP] ear infections

I got a returned mail from you guys a week or so ago - something Buddy had
posted re: ear infections, but it never shouwed up again and I didn't see any
responses, so I just wanted to address this

> When I was a lad I had almost constant ear
>  problems. Infections that would burst the eardrum! Tubes put in both ears
>  several times.
>  >    When my son was a pup he started having the same old problems. Our
>  >pediatrician told us if we would have his tonsils and adenoids out it
>  >solve our problems! We did and it did!
>  >    Incidentally I was on a camping trip with a BAD ear infection and
>  >to have died at age 12 years one month when hospitalized with diabetes the
>  >first time. That was July 1959.
>  >
>  >Buddy '-)   email @ redacted

I [Sara] also had numerous, dare I say constant, ear infections as an
infant/toddler.  In fact they were concerned I was going to lose some hearing
due to the number of times I had to have them lanced, or something like that.
and coincidentally, I also developed diabetes, though not until I was 10 years
old.  There is a DEFINTE scientifically proven correlation between childhood
infections and the later development of Type I diabetes - that auto-immune
thing attacking the T-cells and the islets of langerhans...blah blah blah

Sara - who isn't deaf - she is just ignoring you
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