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[IP] Thyroid

Only a week late, I finally got the results of second blood test for thyroid. 


My thyroid is fine (TSH was 2.4 and there was NO anti-body against the glands)

My sleepiness is pretty much GONE! (I take it that all of the medication which had been recommended to me for helping me was causing problems.  Good thing I know how to quit taking stuff when I need to).

I really want to thank everyone on line who read my request and responded and tried to help me out.  Even for us dinasaurs who've been diabetic since the dark ages this line is a big help.  (I think the the break point of 'dinasaur' in modern day diabetes acare is boiling needles daily so we could inject the next time and using those WONDERFUL clinitest test kits to 'measure' sugar) 

[of course, being completely colourblind led me to LOTS of interesting inter-personal relations with family members and clinitest results]  

[anyone who complains of the blood tests please come to me and I'll tell you why these machines are GREAT]

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