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Re: [IP] Softset Infusion Pulled Out


> 1. Do other pumpers always carry a needle with you for such problems?

Yes, I always carry a syringe but I don't carry a bottle of insulin.  I figure
I can draw the insulin out of the pump tubing or reservoir.  This will "hold"
me until I get home and can change the site properly.  However, if I'm going
to be more than a few hours from home I do carry insulin.  I always ask myself
if it would be more convenient to come home to change the site in the luxury
of my own bathroom or would it be more convenient to have the insulin and
everything on hand and change it in a "less than ideal" place.

>  2. How often do others pull out there infusion set?
I used to pull sof-sets out fairly often.  Especially after exercising, which
made me sweaty.  Since switching to the Silhouettes, I haven't pulled one out
(several months now).  The adhesive holds very firmly and I think the fact
that they are inserted at an angle helps to anchor them better.  You might ask
MiniMed for a sample or two and try them.

Mary Jean
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