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Re: [IP] Why would blood pour from site?


I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one with problems occurring on my right
side.  I haven't had blood pouring from the site but I have had several sore
sites which I end up changing within the first day.  I think it might have to
do with being right handed.  I'm going to try inserting the sets on my right
side with my left hand (I will probably have to allow an extra hour or so to
do this--I'm very right dominant!) and see if that helps.  My theory is that
the canula works better when it is angled towards my side than towards my


> i've had the same problem, but with tenders. but it's only when i put it in
>  the right side of my stomach. I have no problem with the left side, but i'm
>  all
>  brusied up on my right side. anyone else have this problem? what can i do?
>  I do
>  insert at a 45 degree angle, so that's not the problem. buti'm not sure
>  is. 
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