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Re: [IP] Why would blood pour from site?

At 01:02 3/29/98 PST, Nancy wrote:
>Went in alright, my numbers were good, but after about two hours it hurt
like >crazy and I had a knot the size of a marble.  I know you guys say if
it hurts >or is red take it out.  So I detatached the
tubing......immediately blood >filled the cannular and started to drip out
of the "what-ever-you call that >thing that sticks to my belly".  So I
pulled the cannular and the tape off and >out of my belly and the blood
started to pour out!!

I've had this happen to me once since I started pumping (about a year now).
I didn't actually get a 'lump' at the site, so used it for the full 4 days
that I normally do.  But when I pulled it out, sheesh, you'd think I was a
stuck pig or something!  I too ruined a pair of underwear in the process.

I think what happened was that the cannula managed to get inserted directly
into a vein, without actually going completely through the vein (as would
normally result from hitting one).  So the insulin was fed intravenously
while I used that site, and when I pulled it out, the vein (since it had
only a single puncture) forced blood right out through the channel created
by the cannula.

This is my hypothesis...I don't know for _sure_ that this is what happened,
but since there are no arteries in the subQ tissues of the stomach and the
cannula is smaller in diameter than a marlinspike, it's the best I can come
up with!


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