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[IP] gushing blood - gross - BEWARE

Hey Nancy:

This happened to me one time and I thought I was gonna die!  I was changing my
site - It was a fairly new site - like less than 2 days, but it had gotten
really sore, but not red or anything.  I was standing at the kitchen counter
and I pulled the site out (using bent needles at this time)  I wipd the spot
with an alcohol pad and carried on filling the next infusion set.  I noticed a
warm sensation on my stomach and looked down to see blood OOZING out of the
site!  Not gushing but literally thick blood OOZING  - got the picture?  eww

So I wiped it again twith the alcohol pad.  Since this was pre-surgery, I had
a nice roll of fat on my belly, and this site happened to be on the down side
of the roll, so I used one hand to stretch my skin up a little so I can see.
Well, when I wiped the oozing blood off, it was like I had turned on a fire
hose!!  This pin sized hole spewed blood with enough force to hit my kitchen
cabinets.  Stupidly, I stretched my skin up again to see what the hell is
going on and blood continues in a real purty arc around the kitchen - window,
curtains, stove. etc.

I am, as you can imagine, FREAKING OUT!!!.  The two alcohol pads are soaked,
so I grab the kitchen towel and press it into my stomach.  I am bleeding to
death I think.....I go sit down cuz for some reason I am feeling rather faint,
with this towel pressed into my stomach.  I peek under it only to be rewarded
by blood in my face.  I hold the towel there another minute and peek again -
this sucker is still gushing!  So, living alone as I did, I called 911 and
about the time the operator answered, I thought, I am not going to incur an
ambulance expense not to mention the ER headache for a mere nose bleed outta
my belly.  So I hung up and sat down again.  

I had to keep the towel there another 5 minutes before it stopped bleeding.
At the end of all this, the towel, my underwear, etc. was soaked in blood.
All of this out of a eensy weensy itty bitty pin sized hole.

BUT - it has never happened again, so there ya are - just a freak of nature.

What I think happened is that the needle had nicked a blood vessel at some
point during the day  which starting the initial discomfort.  It had bled
under the skin but the needle kept re nicking it maybe, cuz I was running
around and doing alot f physical stuff all day.  When I first pulled it out,
the oozing blood was just like clotted blood that had pooled there near the
site - when I wiped the clot away with the alcohol pad, it was like turning on
the hose.  Who know.  I had a nice bruise, but that's it.

Sorry to gross you all out...

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