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[IP] she's a cold hearted snake...nahh - her bs is just low

Dear Dianne:

Of course some may dispute this, saying perhaps that our basal rates are not
correct.  Maybe for some people it simply has to do with the fact that in
those dark dismal days of winter encourages one to hibernate away, don't get
much exercise, sitting in front of the boob tube, but THAT AIN'T ME KID!!!  I,
most decidely, notice a difference in my insulin requirements as my daily
input of sun increases.  I am confident a lot of this has to do with mental
things and not merely physiological things - like being happier and more
energetic - NOT just more physically active.

I also am a sun worshipper and NEED my daily dose to keep my seasonal
depression from rearing its ugly head - this also makes my insulin needs go
up, despite the fact that the same basals are fine during sunnier times of the

As for being cold after a reaction, I have had that happen a few times, but
thought it was a result of the intense sweat that happens when I am actually
in the reaction, then my body just cooling off.  Sometimes it is actually the
sweating that wakes me up at night and when I check my bs, I am low low low.
I eat, crank the A/C up and then go back to bed, only to wake up an hour later
freezing my butt off cuz the A/C is on so high!  This, of course, wont be a
problem living in an un-air conditioned apartment now!

...and people just think I am cold-hearted - HAH!~  something else I can
""blame: (note the quote marks - that means say it sarcastically, i.e. tongue
in cheek) my diabetes on.

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