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Re: [IP] Pumps

In a message dated 3/30/98 3:22:06 AM, you wrote:

<<The Disetronic pushes every 3 minutes, irrespective of

your basal setting.  The MiniMed pushes every time you need a 0.1 U dose. 

If you are on low doses, this could mean that a MiniMed will be more

inclided to clog; the insulin moves less often. >>

the MiniMed delivers the dose evenly over the hour and is NOT more inclined to
clog.  i have patients on less than 0.3 u/hr and do not have problems with
clogging.  also, if you look at what a tenth of a unit is you'll see that it
is very small so it is important to deliver as a complete drop vs. breaking it
up over an hour.    the normal pancreas delivers insulin every 8-13 minutes.
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