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Re: [IP] Why would blood pour from site?

>Went in alright, my numbers were good, but after about two hours it hurt like
>crazy and I had a knot the size of a marble.  I know you guys say if it hurts
or is >red take it out.  So I detatached the tubing......immediately blood
filled the >cannular and started to drip out of the "what-ever-you call that
thing that >sticks to my belly".  So I pulled the cannular and the tape off
out of my >belly and the blood started to pour out!!

i've had the same problem, but with tenders. but it's only when i put it in on
the right side of my stomach. I have no problem with the left side, but i'm
brusied up on my right side. anyone else have this problem? what can i do?
I do
insert at a 45 degree angle, so that's not the problem. buti'm not sure what

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