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[IP] Broken Tubing Part


The other day I noticed that my blood sugar was higher than it should be.  I
attributed  it to not bolusing enough.  However, when I checked it an hour
later it was not lower like it should have been.  I had not recieved a no
deliver error but decided I should disconnect from the cannula and check to
see if insulin came out the end of the tube (much like when changing sets and
priming the pump.)  There was no insulin coming out.  After inspecting all the
parts, I realized that the part of the tubing that connects to the syringe had
cracked and was leaking out instead of going into me!!

I was just wondering if other people have had problems like this, and also
warning people that this could happen.

Kevin Gorman
Pumping for 1 year
Freshman at the University of Illinois
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/