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Re: [IP] Dex meter

OK, I'm now VERY confused.

The Bayer's Dex website (http://www.glucometerdex.com/) just says the
meter is "coming soon".

The Castleweb Children with Diabetes website
(http://www.castleweb.com/diabetes/d_0i_230.htm) has a lot of info and
pictures. However, on accuracy, they say:

"For 15 blood tests, our tester compared the Dex to the OneTouch Profile
to determine if the Dex produced results that correlated with the
OneTouch Profile. The results from the two meters showed that the Dex
produces results that are, on average, 11.5% higher than the OneTouch
Profile. This difference reflects the fact that the Dex is calibrated to
serum glucose values and the OneTouch Profile is calibrated to whole
blood values. Data from these 15 tests show a .98 correlation factor
(1.0 means a one-for-one correlation), which indicates that the two
meters are producing results that closely correspond to each other,
after accounting for the 11.5% difference."

So it looks as if the UK version (Esprit) gives a whole blood reading,
but the US version (Dex) gives a serum reading. Why on earth would they
want to produce a meter giving serum readings? To sow confusion? Or to
lock you in to using just their meters? I believe that in Germany you
are forbidden to sell meters that give serum values, in order to avoid
precisely this confusion!

Perhaps they are having 2nd thoughts and this is why it is not yet
widely released in the US.

On the accuracy side, at the back of my Dex manual, there's a pretty
little graph of 300 tests plotting laboratory result against meter
result. Looks OK, until you see an example of a true 100 showing 70 on
the meter, and another true 100 showing 130 on the meter. That's a big
difference. If my bg was 100, I'd be very happy. If it was 70, I'd be
taking glucose straight away.


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