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There is a pump study going on right now and I was trying to get on that
study however, it was full. After chatting with the nurse involved with
this study, she mentioned the glucose monitor study. She also said most
of the participants will be the ones already in the pump study. This was
a bit of a disappointment however, people do fall out of these studies
at random. I will be asking my pump trainer about this study on Monday
to try to get my name on the waiting list. I'll find out all the
particulars I can. (such as when)
By the way, this study is taking place in Toronto at Mount Sinai
Hospital. I'm sure it would be happening at other research centres as
well in the U.S.
A lot of these studies are posted in the Cdn. Diabetes Association's
quarterly magazine called "Diabetes Dialogue".

Bye for now,
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