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[IP] Re:Which Pump??????

    It makes little difference which pump you choose. . .  .just as long as
you get a pump!
    Welcome to the family, first of all. . . .  My name is Buddy and I have
been a diabetic since 1959 and have been on a MiniMed 507 since 1/6/97 so I
will tell you that I think the MM is the best pump. Not so maybe???? If you
swim a lot, or stay in the water for other reasons, or your not so careful
like some of our sisters here and like to go slam dunk your pump in the
commode then the Disetronic may be the best model for you. Ha. Either one
does a wonderful job and the one you choose will be wonderful. Both have
their subtle differences but both do the same job wonderfully, as far as I
can tell from the input here. You will surely hear from the other users here
and good for them too.
    Point being is the difference it will make in your life and the sooner
you get on it the better the quality of life will be for you. This is just
my opinion but after taking MDI's for 38 years and doing the pump for 14
months. . . . .  .I'll take the pump every time!

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted
To feel any better I would have to be twins!

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