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Re: [IP] Melissa's high bgs - Lily's high bgs

For Lily and Melissa --

Meal strategies (I had the same eating time problem at 16 and as you get older and
eat at home less often (especially the first year or two of college) predicting
what you plan to eat ahead is nearly impossible.:

Try learning to eat the protein or fat of those meals you couldn't predict first.
or bolusing right before you order, or a small shot with enough humalog to cover
the fast part of the meal might help.

Good luck,


Michael wrote:

> On Sat, 28 Mar 1998, Rmhb1126 wrote:
> >     Melissa's ....previously mentioned  high bgs, her CDE felt that since
> she'd
> > grown & gained a few lbs, her insulin needs were higher & she simply wasn't
> > taking enough insulin to cover her meals..Also felt that since she's on
> > Velosulin, splitting the bolus wasn't accomplishing anything....So she
> > begrudgingly followed his suggestions, and guess what?????...vastly improved
> > bgs!!!!........I think a MAJOR factor for Melissa is failure to wait awhile
> > after bolusing before eating....
> Hmmm..  Lily's high bg which we thought might have been related to
> Humalog problems are definetly NOT.
> First, Lily has switched back to straight Velosulin but will probably
> switch back to a mix very soon. She is injecting H directly into the
> Comfortset to compensate for any highs.
> Re: Melissa's highs, Lily must bolus with R at least 45 min to 1 hour
> before eating to prevent post-prandial highs followed several hours later
> by a low.
> The weird bgs Lily was experiencing have been explained finally.
> 2 months ago her basal requirements were this:
> 11:00pm 0.9u/hr
> 2:30 am 0.7u/hr
> 7:30 am 0.8u/hr
> 11:00am 0.4u/hr
> Things have changed - adolesence you know
> 4:00 pm 0.1u/hr
> 2:30 am 1.2u/hr
> 7:30 am 0.7u/hr not sure about this yet
> 11:00am 0.4u/hr not sure about this yet
> Notice the major dawn effect and the big drop in
> 'go to sleep' basals which up to now have been
> stable for over 2 years. She was going low and re-bounding
> often and haveing all the related problems. We have been
> to stabalize her basals for several weeks and it looks
> pretty good now. Periodically, all her basals, ratios,
> etc... get checked, but this change was REAL FAST.
> Michael
> Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/