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Re: [IP] Dex meter

John Neale wrote:
> The technical specifications state that the test is "Capillary blood
> glucose, referenced to whole blood". Blood isn't my specialist subject.
> Can anyone interpret that for me?

Home glucose meters all measure whole blood, since it's all we have to 
give them. Plasma (lab) tests use a centrifuge to take out some of the water, 
so the readings are somewhat higher. Thing is, if all else is equal (which 
isn't ALWAYS true), the 2 scales can be related with a factor, so they can 
measure 1 and have the meter convert to the other by multiplying it.
> 1) Does that mean it's measuring whole blood? or does the "referenced"
> mean it is converting the result to a whole blood figure?

It's referenced to the whole blood it measures, then converted to the 
plasma reading they want to give you. 
> 2) If it's doing a conversion, is the plasma content of blood fixed?

Not totally clear on this, but there is a different factor than can affect
the conversion process to an extent. The plasma content is fixed, but reading
may vary because of the other factor.

> 3) If it varies, does it just vary over the population, or does it vary
> over time within the individual as well?

It may vary in an individual from 1 time to another, but I think having 
reasonable bg control stabilizes it fairly well.

Ted Quick
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