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Re: [IP] Dex meter

My ha'porth-

I've been using the Dex since January, except in Britain it's called the
Esprit (not to be confused with the Elite). The initial accuracy
problems I reported here seem to have gone. I don't know where though...

The technical specifications state that the test is "Capillary blood
glucose, referenced to whole blood". Blood isn't my specialist subject.
Can anyone interpret that for me?

1) Does that mean it's measuring whole blood? or does the "referenced"
mean it is converting the result to a whole blood figure?

2) If it's doing a conversion, is the plasma content of blood fixed?
Does it vary?

3) If it varies, does it just vary over the population, or does it vary
over time within the individual as well?

Do I have any more questions? No, don't think so. But one more comment:

I get my testing strips completely free here, and insulin and all drugs,
and I pay no health insurance, and my taxes aren't much higher than in
the US. So the fact that I had to pay for my pump and infusion sets
myself ain't so bad I suppose.

But I had to "buy" my meter for 50 ($80). They don't give them away
here. It's funny how the manufacturers vary their sales tactics in
different economies. They offered me 10 back for my old meter, but I
decided to keep that as a backup.


I have been using the Dex since November, and really like it.  I
had some concerns with accuracy but worked out my technique.  I had used
the Profile and other various Lifescan products for about 15 years and
to adjust how I applied blood.  I really like that it uses such a
amount and is so easy to cart around.

I don't get my strips free, unfortunately.  It has been for sale in
since October (I think) so I imagine they aren't keen to hand things out

type 1, 18 years
pump, 13 years

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